Hire New Employees
With Ease

Rely on us for hiring management services in Crawfordsville & Lebanon, IN

Posting jobs on the internet and sifting through resumes isn't an easy task. That's why Wonderfully Simple HR Consulting is here to help by providing hiring management services in the Crawfordsville & Lebanon, IN area. Our applicant screening expert can do as little or as much as needed to meet your company's specific needs.

When it comes to hiring management assistance, there's no one like us in the area. Local businesses typically request us to:

  • Develop job advertisements
  • Employee Handbook creation
  • Job Description Review and Customization
  • Job Description Creation
  • Screen resumes and applications
  • Assist in coordinating and conducting interviews
  • Review and customize existing employee handbooks
  • Facilitate introductions and key team members and provide office tours
  • Provide guidance on required tax forms and ensure timely submissions
  • Conduct onboarding sessions to familiarize new employees with work policies

Let us show you how easy hiring new candidates can be. Call us today to arrange for applicant screening services.